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******** The Europeans first set foot on Central American land when Columbus made his fourth and final voyage in 1502.

His ship came to Guanain on the Atlantic side of one of the islands of Honduras.

But there was one significant exception: in those ancient times in their midst there were monumental ceremonial centers, temples and pyramids, places for artistry and astronomy. ******** For one explanation of the Maya phenomenon we can search throughout the world.

Maya is a key Hindu philosophical term meaning creation of the world and the world of illusion.

In Central America there are important messages from the Maya which have been recorded in their monumental architecture left for us to read thousands of years later.

To decode these messages we need spiritual and material (scientific) research to work hand-in-hand.

Along with it the remaining spiritual leaders of the Mayan people also perished in the fire.

Later this same monk took pen in hand to write about the Maya of the Yucatan.

In contrast to the Europeans in North America, the Spaniards in Central America came not as settlers but as conquerors.The Veda tell us that Maya was the name of a great astronomer and architect.In Egyptian philosophy the term Maya means universal world order.******** The airplane captain makes a wide loop around Guatemala City giving us time to get a good look at the three volcanoes which border this city of two million inhabitants.There are numerous shanty-towns all along the edges of the green carpet of the Guatemala plain.

The small number of peninsulares who brought their families from Spain were allotted positions at the top of the hierarchy.

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