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Please: scrutinize with your eyes when stuck in A rut of the every-day-ordinary; do shed off The mystery and let the mist lift and dis- Appear as wisps above the city.Quickly I put on a load of laundry So’s that we can talk dirty and flirt, Without being overheard.If a man is attracted to a woman by her appearance as seen through a profile picture, and if physical appearance is his chief motivation, he can lie about himself to her as easily as he did on the questionnaire itself.If e Harmony and other dating sites introduced a video conferencing option or something of a similar nature, it might allow participants to initiate a ‘face-to-‘face’ interaction when and if they feel confident and comfortable enough to do so.The actual ‘content’ that the device contains, all of it in specific binary code, is transposed onto a computer, which can then be widely transmitted to any point in cyberspace.This is often where ownership and copyright problems arise.

Sites like e Harmony with their 480-question survey help to seek that ‘imagined’ individual out (granted that the individual is engaging in similar activity online) in order to initiate a relationship if so desired.

But you, like many-most Walk around with your ears closed Off from the warnings, beeps, and honks, Floating serenely in a song.

Not a wonder why such an insignificant sound Would grab your attention.

It was perfectly clear that in this snow and sleet You’d want a friend along, to keep you company For the sake of it. (Though the grass was killed by the snow.) The clatter of downtown renovations among the buildings Fresh, freezing, pink.

A father and son talk-jab jokingly Before hitting the rink.

Websites like just a couple of such sites that are fast becoming part of an acceptable practice in North America, with articles like Anna Mulrine’s “” and Katelyn Mc Kenna and John Bargh’s “Plan 9 From Cyberspace: The Implications of the Internet for Personality and Social Psychology” offering evidence that suggests that this shift in human communication and relationship formation is anything but a passing fad. opposites really attract” (Mulrine 134), but it is quite clear that this metaphor can no longer stand in for the reality: “the Internet vastly expands the range and variety of interaction partners” (Mc Kenna and Bargh 197) because of the selective processes these sites require upon sign-up.

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