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She glances sadly up to the picture of the young black male. C.) (CONT'D) Well then, what's it feel like, to raise a white child when your own child's at home...being looked after by somebody else? Aibileen's hand trembles as she sips from a glass of water. The woman repeats Aibileen's answer slowly as she writes. C.) (CONT'D) Now, did you ever dream of being something else?

LEEFOLT HOME - MAE MOBLEY'S ROOM - MORNING MAE MOBLEY LEEFOLT, 2 1/2 years old, lies in a crib, crying. Her dark black skin contrasts angelically with a brilliant white work dress, white panty hose and shoes AIBILEEN (V. O.) (CONT'D) Miss Leefolt still don't pick Baby Girl up but once a day. JACKSON JOURNAL NEWSPAPAER - OFFICE - SAME DAY A smoking RECEPTIONIST, 50, leads EUGENIA "SKEETER" PHELAN, 23, across a smoke-filled news office. Skeeter has very frizzy blond hair cut short above her shoulders. BLACKLY (CONT'D) Miss Myrna's gone shit-house crazy on us, drunk hair spray or something. Answer them just like she did, nobody'll know the damn difference. SKEETER (COVERING) I read her articles all the time.

O) (CONT'D) I work from eight to four, six days a week.

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