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Those Iron Warriors that had taken part in the Battle of Terra fled to the Eye of Terror with the remainder of the Traitors, while those that had established their own empire around Olympia prepared themselves for the inevitable assault by the Loyalist Legions.

In a reversal of fortune typical of the grim epoch that ushered in the Age of the Imperium, the Imperial Fists were amongst those who laid siege to these Iron Warriors, and while the Traitors were eventually dislodged, it was only after a decade-long campaign that culminated in them detonating their nucleonic stockpiles and reducing Olympia to a blasted waste.

The young Primarch never fully accepted his lot, and became cold and mistrustful of others.

Despite his aloof demeanour, Perturabo learned from the culture in which he found himself the arts of the siege, for Olympia's warring city-states afforded plenty of opportunity to study both the theory and the practise of this highly specialised branch of warfare.

To make matters worse, the Iron Warriors came to be utilised as garrison troops, small forces detached from the Legion and tasked with guarding the worlds they had worked so hard to bring to Compliance.

While other Primarchs refused point-blank to see their Legions used in such a way, Perturabo acceded, though with ever-poorer grace.

Here, the Primarch constructed the most fearsome of fortifcations, a mighty fastness ringed all about with mile after mile of trenches, redoubts, minefelds and razor wire.

History records little of the machinations Horus must surely have enacted in order to turn the bitter Perturabo to the cause of the Traitors, but whatever the truth, the Iron Warriors turned upon their brothers at Istvaan V, and in so doing sealed their damnation for all time.

At last freed of the constraints that had bound him, Perturabo gave free reign to his most destructive urges, laying waste to world after world in the Warmaster's service.

As the tragic outbreak of the Horus Heresy grew closer, it appears that Perturabo was put under ever increasing pressure, and as a result the fires of his bitterness were stoked to a raging inferno.

Some have postulated that it was the Warmaster Horus himself who, time after time, engineered events and adjusted deployments to the Primarch's detriment.

While one part of the Legion turned Olympia and its surrounding star systems into an empire of iron, another lent its expertise to the Battle of Terra, and at last, the sons of Perturabo could test themselves against those of Rogal Dorn.

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