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In 1962 the state took a stake in the brewery and it was renamed "Erich Babben KG Stadtbrauerei Lbbenau". A hop-extract beer with some reasonable bitterness masking to a degree the off-flavours. Chicory, toffee, pepper and malt aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with cream, malt, liquorice and toffee aromas; bitter finish with black toffee, coffee and pepper aromas.In 1972 the brewery was nationalised as "VEB Stadtbrauerei Lbbenau". Visitors have expressed doubt as to whether brewing really takes place in the Alten Fritz pubs. An excellent dark lager that is just about dry enough to be in the schwarzbier style. Hop, mint, flowers and grass aromas; very bitter taste with hops, vanilla, butter and grass aromas; very bitter finish with hop, wood and pepper aromas. One of the best beers of its type I've ever tasted.In 1972 the brewery in Drebkau was nationalised, but it was repurchased by Hildegard Kircher's sons in 1992. Finally it was ruled that it can be called "Bier", despite being bottom-fermented and using sugar. In 1994 the old brewhouse was converted into a brewpub. Most of the equipment dates from the 1890's, including a miniature steam engine which powers all the machinery.Hopefully another nail in the coffin of the Reinheitsgebot. It was already designated a "museum brewery" in 1977, during the DDR period.Their bottled beer can also be purchased by individuals directly from the brewery.

Tel.: 037327 - 88015 Fax: 037327 - 1662 The restored old premises and brewing equipment of Private Brauerei Rechenberg.Opening times: Tue - Fri - , Sat, Sun and public holidays , and Hauptstrae 46, Turnhallenberg 2, 09447 Steinbach.Tel: 037343 - 88758 Fax: 037343 - 88111 Email: [email protected] Founded: 2001 Annual production: Brewpub.Unification and, more particularly currencey union with West Germany, caused a dramatic fall to just 7.5 million hl in 1991. Kegs of beer from 5-20 litres can be served at the table for parties. Dark brown colour with a dense pale tan head; roast, smoke and nut aromas; sweetish taste with burnt, caramel and toffee aromas; bitter finish with roast, burnt and liquorice aromas. Looking at my old tasting notes, it seems to have been much sweeter when first introduced. On my last tasting my description was "Like mild darkened with too much caramel". Since a renovation of the brewhouse, full brewing does seem to be taking place here again. Banana, cloves, basil and aniseed aroma; nutral taste with banana, cloves and lemon aromas; spicy finish with banana and cloves aromas. No doubt the house has either had the character renovated out of it or been demolished. Tel.: 036074 - 97910 Fax: 036074 - 97944 Email: [email protected]: Founded: 1867 Annual production: 10,000 hl 98617 Vachdorf.Unsurprisingly, many breweries were unable to survive such drastic developments and there were many closures in the early 90's. The home-brewed beer can be served with fruit or cherry juice. Slightly pale for a Schwarzbier, but packed with roast flavours. For a time in the 1990's the wort was shipped in from elsewhere. Tel.: 03643 - 850366 / 67 Fax: 03643 - 850368 Founded: 1990 Annual production: 1,500 hl Brewpub. Just a shame only one of the three DDR-period breweries remains. Tel: 036949 - 29716 Fax: 036949 - 29721 Founded: 2000 Annual production: Brewpub. Given the lack of mention of beer on their website, I suspect they Amber lager.

The only concession to the modern age are stainless steel lagering vessels, though the lager keller still contains some oak barrels, too. The beer is then filtered and either bottled or kegged.

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