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Macchiarini worked to create a bioengineered trachea, an artificial frame seeded with stem cells of the patient.

Photo: The press service of the university could not answer where the Italian went.

The KFU commented on the situation with the surgeon quite sparingly. Evil'', as he was dubbed for earlier unsuccessful experiments on humans, has left Kazan.

Russian Science Foundation did not support the project of Paolo Macchiarini to create tissue-engineered constructs of the esophagus to replace the damaged organ with the models of the lower primates, which he leads.

The decision of Russian Science Foundation has been published recently, but Macchiarini, as the sources of Realnoe Vremya claim, has disappeared from the University.

Several journalists, including from Sweden, which the Italian left with a big scandal, wanted to meet Macchiarini, to ask him about his scientific activities in Russia, but they were refused and then explained that the surgeon is not either in high school or in Kazan.

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