Dating someone with seasonal depression dating eyas chat

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He completely agreed, and while I was on the phone with customer service in the airport, he actually called to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist for the following week.

Wil was so full of anxiety and frustration that he just wanted to go home.

Wil figured the feelings would pass, which they mostly did.

But by the time he was 33, the feelings of sadness turned into insecurity and self-doubt about his life, his career, and his ability to be a good parent to our boys and a good partner in our marriage.

A: About five years ago, Wil was set to perform at sold-out shows in Minneapolis and Chicago with our friends, Paul and Storm, in a sort of nerd vaudeville-style show called “w00tstock.” When we arrived at the airport, the airline check-in area was packed with people.

Wil was so anxious about making our flight on time that he asked an attendant how long the wait would be.

I walked him over to a bench, sat him down, and told him I would call customer service to get us new flights.

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