Dating someone with ms

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Roxy announces her feelings for Dirk, which he already knew of to begin with.

She then tries to kiss him in order to solve her personal problems, but he tries to fight her off, threatening to use a sword and losing his cool in the process.

After Dirk's dream self awakens, he revives Jane and takes Roxy and himself to their session's Frog Temple, where they wait in the time capsule until Jake's time.

The two are then reunited with Jane and wake up Jake in time for him to revive Dirk.

As he attempts to leave the dream bubble, Dirk finds he cannot leave it, so he throws Roxy out of the bubble instead, while he is awoken by Aranea Serket's powers.Dave's Bro - Pre-scratch self Dirk's Bro - Adoptive "older brother", Adoptive ancestor, Genetic son Dave Strider, Roxy's Mom, Rose Lalonde - Genetic offspring Lil Hal - Mental clone Jake English - Ex-boyfriend Lil Cal - Guardian ), in line with the rule that post-scratch kids have the same chumhandle abbreviation as the ectobiological sibling of the kid whose pre-scratch guardian they were.This completes the set of chumhandles when added to GT, GG, and TG.His waking self wakes up, and afterwards he begins his plan to rescue his friends.He captchalogues several objects, including Squarewave and his sendificator, before leaving Sawtooth to send his home to the Medium and going through the fenestrated wall sent by the God Cat from Roxy's house with his rocket board.

After Roxy's persistent behavior and Arquiusprite's words of wisdom, he allows Roxy to kiss him, physically turning him into a trickster.

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