Dating someone with diabetes

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My girlfriend's dog had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and after talking to her mum about it realised I had all the same symptoms – after a quick look on the NHS website, I easily ticked all of the boxes for diabetes."I promptly made an appointment with the doctors, and then after a series of blood tests I was referred to the diabetic clinic at the hospital for it to be certified and for me to start use of synthetic insulin immediately.

Or they need to have a strong waistband to attach/ hold my pump, so slinky dresses can often be out of the question.

Type 1 diabetes is when the body doesn't produce any insulin, while type 2 diabetes is when the body doesn't make enough insulin or the insulin it does make doesn't work properly.

There's a myth that type 2 is the milder form – but it's false.

Take me for example, though: I was a perfectly healthy and active 11-year-old child when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, with no family history of the condition, so when I see images of sweets and fast food aligned with stories about diabetes in the media, it really bothers me."People really need to be educated more on the facts surrounding diabetes to realise the seriousness of it and wake up to the fact that people die from the illness, including the young and physically active." – Amy Black "As I live on my own, I have to wear a panic alarm at night in case I ever suffer severe night-time hypoglycaemia (which is rare).

This means if I ever wake up convulsing due to extremely low blood sugars, I can be rest assured that an ambulance is on its way with the press of a button around my neck.

But if I had to talk about a 'typical day', I would say it starts with myself getting up and out of bed and making myself some breakfast (usually cereal or jam on toast).

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