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Also used to refer to "burning out one's opponent": finishing the game via direct damage spells rather than combat damage.A spell that draws a card when it is cast (or used) in addition to providing other effects; such cards are said to replace themselves.For example: Michelle Bush's infamous "Trix" deck took the seemingly harmless cards 'Donate' and 'Illusions of Grandeur,' and created a combo which is considered one of the most powerful (broken) ever to emerge in the game.

"There's a lot of creatures on the board." See Also: Board Wipe A spell which destroys/removes/neutralizes multiple permanents - most commonly, all creatures currently in play.

Famous examples include Wrath of God, Akroma's Vengeance, and Plague Wind.

Generally used in conjunction with Limited play, a bomb is a card that always makes a large impact on a game in which it is played.

A combo which might seem like it should work at first glance, but upon further rules clarification is actually discovered to be invalid.

Alternately, a combo which is so far-fetched and difficult to complete that it could not realistically be considered a combo by competitive standards.

First applied to the card Hero's Resolve (aka Heroic Pants or just The Pants), which gives the creature it enchants 1 power but 5 toughness.

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