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Choose from an array of guides and tutorials, and track your progress along the way.

Even better, the latest version doesn't even require an internet connection. Dog Breeds (Google Play) and Perfect Dog (i Tunes and Google Play) With nearly 340 different registered dog breeds recognized by the World Canine Organization (not to mention mixed breeds), it can be difficult to know which will be best for you and your living situation.

He said: “I announced the first one from a Facebook post and couldn’t believe how many people showed up.The apps offer more detailed tutorials, but the idea is that the app will play special sounds like toy squeaks or door bells to reinforce certain kinds of behaviors.Though like any kind of training, this takes practice and discipline. P5 Dog Training App from Purina Pro Plan (i Tunes and Google Play) Regardless of what you actually feed your dog, Purina's P5 app is great for learning tricks, basic obedience and getting your dog in shape.allows users to post their thoughts, opinions, and comments in regards to their lives or any other subject.The posts that users create are called "Jaikus" and users have the option of making them publicly or privately visible.

AN army of French bulldogs is set to take over a farm.

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    If you're interested in a more personal answer, compare the vote lists of our users with your own and decide what to read next based on that.

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    Has anybody else experienced this and/or what would you recommend as the best way to update a live website on the fly with minimal downtime (i.e. If you can't have downtime, then the best thing is to have another copy of the server running that you can divert users to when you want to update the primary.

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