Dating site for the dorks

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There is a lot of fun in the digital dating world such as the place notorious for Nigerian money scams and general douchebaggery.There is Adult Friend Finder a place that I think is nothing more then perverts looking to spread syphilis and show close ups of their various pubic regions. Yes a place where all the freaks can find a date, well might find a date.You can swipe left to pass and swipe right to show interests.If that person also like you, you two will be a match!No matter you geek out over Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Animation, Anime & Comics, or you are a Nerd for Video Games, Conventions, Star Wars, Star Trek or Cosplay.

Be careful though, you risk offending them when they were serious. 8) They’ll try to explain to you how to make your computer run better.With Geeky APP, you can meet with other geeks, nerds and dorks like you for dating, friendship, and love in safe public places.Geeky is the best, largest, completely anonymous and most trusted dating APP for geeks, nerds, gamer and dorks without discrimination and judgement, you can be yourself here.If that’s not good enough for you there is always The Daily Kos because someone has to make /b/tards look classy and intelligent (please don’t hurt me Anonymous I hate Scientology too). Why do I talk about this rather then say the VP debates right now?Granted there are a lot of wonderful things on the Interweb such as Cracked, free Tetris, news and commentary sites like NRO or Slate, and well Letters To a Dying Dream (shameless plug bitches). You can watch the debates or a good music video or some useless asshole bitch about politics like he has anything intelligent to say when he doesn’t (thanks P. OK look I spend more time on the internets then maybe I should so I can’t talk that much shit but it does give people a place where people can be the biggest assholes on the planet and forget all concepts of decency (Daily Kos). Since the internets is filled with everything you can possibly want or think of (and some things you wish didn’t exist) I can find things. One because because I don’t have a TV so can’t watch it and will see it this weekend on Youtube (or parts since I might just give up like on the last one) and two since this is more important (since constitutionally the VP’s only job is casting the deciding vote in the event of a tie and siting around doing nothing until the event of the death of the president).

That is not to say that TV isn’t a wasteland a few exceptions of course but the internets is a much larger place, filled with perversion, lies, hate, idiocy, pointless arguments and other such shit (like high school with more porn and less shootings). Yes a place for the lonely freaks to find other lonely freaks to talk to.

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