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Plus, they have something for every style of quilter: modern, art, and traditional, newbie and seasoned.

Some of my favorite guests that I’ve seen on The Quilt Show are Sally Collins, Tula Pink, Bonnie Hunter, Camille Roskelly, and David Taylor.

The main problem is the thrustmaster programming software is not allowed to talk to the stick if it is an original stick with original drivers, Windows XP forbids it.

If it's not digital, man, it's been so long, I don't know what to tell ya there. I just found fragments of procedures for using the equipment with XP on these forums, but nothing complete, and that is why I hoped that someone had the sticks themselves, and had used them with XP - and if someone does, please, share your experiences with me :-) I spent some short time searching for info and in my opinion you are going to have more trouble than it is worth. I can not explain in detail how it is done, to do that I woul like to have done it myself.

Enter the coupon code above and you will have access to EVERYTHING The Quilt Show has to offer. Just so you know, I am NOT being compensated for promoting TQS in any way.

I don't remember, it is not USB but uses the game port .... Again, where the hell did you get and and what did you pay for it? So that is the company that gets my money next time. Still facinating, where did you get it and what did you pay for it????? You cannot load it from within XP if I remember correctly, but you can boot to DOS with a floppy and load it with DOS Thrustmaster software. Now, you say that I should follow the instructions and so on, but it's not that simple, as the joystick is designed for Win95/98 - these days we run on XP, you know.

I seems to me, CH Fighter Stick people are very silent and I interpret that as a bunch of people having nothing to complain about. If that hotas has been upgraded to digital with Bob Church's chips, and you have a game port to plug it into, all you need is Foxy2 to create profiles. Maj_Solo, I bought the FLCS and TQS used, and paid 250 kroner, which equals .29, so it wasn't overpriced.

Seem like the easiest is a stick upgrade if you can get assured and get gurrantees from the vendor it will work on Windows XP. the only other way to make the gear fully functional under windows xp (at least that i know of) is to strip out the electronics and connect the pots, buttons and switches to something like the plasma2, made by betainnovations (or something cheaper, preferably : P).

If you get the upgrade you get new chips and new pots and the stick will be much better than what it might have been when it was new from thrustmaster. it works ok, and an upside that it has input filtering (that means no spiking ).

Then you need another manual teaching you how to program the stick. And Thrustmaster I think have been baught and support is now at Guillemot or if it is the other way. Price is important, you should not have payed more than $50 for that stick ......

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