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"Now those IDs, including those of migrant and undocumented sex workers, are in the hands of the Department of Homeland Security." "No arrests have been made yet, or charges filed," notes Simon.* "But collectively, we sex workers shudder with that familiar fear: we're witnessing yet another instance of an ominous multi-year pattern, from Craigslist to My Red Book to Rentboy to Backpage, of our advertising platforms being raided or pressured out of existence." More panic-inspiring in the immediate term for many sex workers, though, is the loss of another advertising venue that made their lives safer and their work more profitable."As many Eros workers pointed out on social media, they're more worried about being homeless than about the government having [their personal] information," writes Simon.And the fate of the popular ad-platform remains unclear.When the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI took down adult ad platforms such as, The Review Board, and My Redbook, their web presence was simultaneously shuttered.

"Over the past few years, Eros has required progressively more revealing ID checks in order to confirm advertises are of age," writes Caty Simon at the sex work blog .

"The rest of us look on with empathy, knowing that any day, we could be next.

We all try not to think about how tenuous and transitory our ways of doing business are so that we can go through our days without feeling the paralyzing economic terror hitting many of us now.

Surely the government could have merely demanded account information for those under investigation.

The size of this seizure suggests more than an interest in a few Eros users. A third possibility is that the owners and companies behind Eros (and there is a confusing web of them) are under investigation for financial reasons.

But its reach is much, much broader: more than 100 area-specific sites worldwide. Attorney's Office said the raid was part of an "active investigation," but no charges have been filed nor arrests made.

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