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Yer me and my hubby were saying that , it seems like a proper baby much sooner than your first , thats what im dreading with my dating scan !!its funny cos i really want the scan to just know things are ok but at the same time i think im gunna be wanting to run out the door haha, how olds your first ? We didn't take him to our scan as I was so worried, now can't decide whether to take him to the anamoly scan.Still worry now mind n have next scan fri but still so gladvi did it x it's booked!!! it's slightly more expensive as its a saturday appointment 72 we could easily spend that on a meal out or a new handbag or 2 football match tickets or beer/wine on the town or petrol for two weeks without even thinking about it so I decided it was worth it just to reasure me all is good so far! x I cheated I told the midwife i had no idea at all when my last period was and they booked me for a dating scan. I know its terrible, I had a tiny idea of how far along I was but wasnt 100% sure so I just told her I had no idea!xxx hey elaine , i didnt know how far i was , as was on pill , the doc said she would get me a dating scan - thinkig it would be in the next 2 weeks , it came through for the 1st april lol which i will be just under 12 weeks , so i did private any way as was very worried , your area sounds alot better than mine , even with bleeding they didnt let me x elaine i like your syle lol but i'd have to agree with kim in our local nhs i'd have no chance they don't scan for bleeds etc and if they did they wouldn't do again at 12 weeks you'd have to wait until 20wk scan!

I knwo you can't put a price on peace of mind, but its the only way I'm going to convince OH!

Hello baby is the North West’s leading baby ultrasound boutique, offering amazing scans of your baby during its development in the womb.

Hello Baby conduct early scans from 7 weeks, early gender scans from 15 weeks, and 3/4D & HD LIVE scans from 15 weeks.

The next few months will be an exciting time as you feel your baby grow and make plans for the birth but we also understand that it can be a worrying time and that you will naturally be concerned that your pregnancy is developing normally.

An ultrasound scan can provide you with the reassurance you need at this time and at Baby Scan Now we provide convenient and affordable pregnancy scans at a selection of locations.

i was given a scan a at 6 weeks i just spoke to my doctor about being really worried and he booked me in at the early pregnancy unit for a scan didnt even include a midwife.

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