Dating romantic love in italy

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In Italy, a one-night stand is known as 'una botta e via', literally meaning 'a bang and go', and if you're short on time, it could be helpful to know that 'farsi una sveltina' or 'fare una cosina veloce' are two translations for 'to have a quickie'.

Visit these eternal cities, dating back to Roman times, taking in the rich Italian culture and history, admiring the fine arts and sampling the renowned cuisine.

And if you're feeling like a spare part on someone else's date, you might need the phrase 'essere l'ultima ruota del carro' (to be the last wheel of the cart) or 'reggere la candela' (to hold the candle) which both refer to being the third wheel.

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This sense of intimacy delivers romantic accommodations, restaurants, coffee bars and night clubs throughout the city.

Rome features hundreds of romantic hotels, which also can accommodate romantic visits that include families. Italian hotels have scaled pricing with late July to early September being the most-expensive season.

' Andare a braccetto' is to walk arm in arm; 'abbraciare' is 'to hug', also used in the platonic sense; 'accarezzare' means 'to caress'; 'palpeggiare' is 'to fondle'; and 'coccolare' is 'to cuddle'.

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