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It was featured on Beatles songs such as I Should Have Known Better, You Can't Do That and A Hard Days Night.

It was also prominently featured in the Beatles Hard Days Night movie.

A Rickenbacker 360/12 uses two Rickenbacker special design pickups, commonly known as toaster-top pickups due to the appearance of the covers looking like a bread toaster.

Early on it was a noted anomaly that one Rickenbacker pickup may over-power another when both were switched on, so a blender or mixer control, commonly referred to as the fifth knob, was added to balance the sound.

Additionally on Rickenbacker 3 and 6 series guitars a .0047m F capacitor is placed between the bridge pickup and the volume potentiometer.

Rickenbacker hollow body guitars are not actually hollow.

Back in February of 1964, The Beatles came to the USA for three concerts and to make an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. He had been impressed with the Beatles enormous popularity and wanted his company's instruments to be known as the Beatles guitar. Hall had asked his design team to come up with a 12 string version of the six string Rickenbacker model 360.

On the other side of the world, in Mexico and South America, double course instruments, such as the bandola, tiple, cuatro were very popular.

Before amplification, the idea of doubling strings (called courses) was a method of increasing the volume of an instrument.

The 12 string guitar had its origin in Italy as a double course instrument commonly known as the baroque guitar. A variation was the chitarra battente, which was a 12 string instrument.

The legendary Blues musician Leadbelly was said to have ordered a custom built 12 string Stella made by Italian luthier Fulvio Pardini, who worked for the Oscar Schmidt Company.

Additionally, these guitars fit in the same size cases as the neck length for the six or twelve string was no different.

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