Dating owens illinois glass

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an A may mean soda bottle, etc.) In other words, they're not very useful for our purposes.

The number on the right is our year code and what we are most interested in. In conjunction with the relative dates of the symbol, we know that the 9 could either stand for 1939 or 1949 (1959 is possible, but very unlikely).

As a conservation measure during the war, the amount of glass used for many bottle types was reduced. The number in that picture could either be a 6 for the plant code, meaning it was made in Charleston, West Virginia, a plant that was in operation from 1930 - 1963 (Society for Historical Archaeology) or it could be a year code of 9. They axed the diamond, and instead were left with a simple I inside of an O (see pictures to the right and below).

You can't really tell from the picture, but the green glass in Exhibit C is quite thick, thicker than anything we would see today, which leads me to believe that the glass was indeed manufactured in 1939, and has been sitting in the creek ever since, waiting for me to find it. If it is a year code, the thickness of the glass and the lack of a period after the 9 suggests a manufacturing date of 1939. The general trend, however, remained the same with the plant code on the left of the symbol, and a date code to the right.

Our first example to the right (Exhibit D), fortunately for me, is extremely easy to determine the date of production.

Since 2063 has yet to pass, and the company did not exist in 1863 nor did it use that symbol prior to the 1950's, the only possible year of production is 1963. I am unsure of whether or not this particular example follows the general trend of date code to the right of the symbol. If we assume that the 7 is indicative of a year, it could mean anything from 1957 to 2007.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola didn't always adhere to the Owens-Illinois policies, and often had their dates on the heel, and not the bottom, of the glass.

(Society for Historical Archaeology) However, what we do know is that Pepsi and Coke now come in plastic bottles or aluminum cans.

There is no exact year in which production of the symbol stopped, as various plants ended use of the mark at different years.

However, the A to the right of the 7 tells me that this piece of glass has a high probability of either once being a Coca-Cola bottle or a Pepsi-Cola bottle.

If that is the case, this piece of glass may be our exception to the rule and the 7 to the right of the symbol may not be a year code at all.

However, without having more of the glass, I am unable to narrow that down to a specific year.

If that was the end of it, this would be a pretty lame blog post, but as it stands I am a fairly curious person and couldn't help digging a little deeper.

They started the switch to plastic in the 60's and 70's.

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