Dating now korean drama synopsis

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Cha-dol volunteers to persuade Jang Mi, and his method is to ask her to marry him. He tells her that since they’re students, it’s going to be tough on them, and asks if she can endure till he graduates and has a stable job.

Jang Mi tells him she’s confident as long as she has Cha-dol, and the both of them agree to persuade their parents to let them get married. Jang Mi’s parents try to persuade her to go for an abortion, and when Jang Mi resists the idea and tells them to let her and Cha-dol get married instead, Mama Baek can’t hold it back any more and reveals that Cha-dol is an adopted son of Mama Park, and asks Jang Mi if she still wants to get married to Cha-dol who’s parentage is unknown.

Jang Mi is truthful enough to admit that she’s not at all okay, and is very scared.

She adds that she ran away when her parents brought her to the hospital, and Cha-dol asks if she’s really pregnant.

Se Ra is adamant against it, while Mama also tries to persuade Cha-dol that why should he make his life so difficult.

Cha-dol insists that he has to be responsible for Jang Mi and their baby.

Cha-dol prepares to go to the Baeks the next morning, and Mama Park insists that she’ll go along too.She however promises Jang Mi that she’ll try her best to help Jang Mi and Cha-dol.Chairman Lee manages to convince Yeon Hwa that he really doesn’t want to get divorced, and Yeon Hwa goes home happily and tells her Mom.Jang Mi doesn’t believe it while Daddy Baek’s blood pressure rise a few more points because ?!Over at the Parks’ it’s met with as much resistance when Cha-dol asks for permission to marry Jang Mi.

That had Mom stunned, and Kang Tae agrees with Cha-dol.

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