Dating namaste

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Very respectful way of greeting someone in the present moment, and with full intent of recognizing the part of them that isn't just of the mundane reality.Hands in prayer position on your heart centre and eyes on their eyes, them bowing, speaking,"Namaste," closing eyes, then rising, opening eyes to look within the others eyes or gaze again.hahahahahaha My Infusionare all cancers I encounter have some kind of connection to food? and even some cancers make great jokers about food. I saw your profile and low and behold your a cancer! May the God within you, bless you The Divine within me sees and honors the Divine within you.Namaste is often interchanged with Namaskar in parts of India and beyond.In ancient scriptures, such as the Taittiriya Upanishad, the practice of extending courtesy, honor and hospitality is expressed equally to guests and deities.

Words have history, and every word we use carries it’s history with it.Incorporating the action of bringing your hands to your heart, followed by a slight bow, authenticates the meaning of Namaste.Beyond cultural bounds exists the universality of people greeting one another.The use of Namaste is growing: it is widely used throughout India, Nepal, parts of Asia and beyond.It is often used in yoga studios and spiritual communities throughout the western world.

To me it is a lovely greeting that means " The Divine in Me, greets the Divine in You".

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