Dating my marshall cabinet

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However, none of this would be possible without founder and revolutionary, Jim Marshall OBE.Jim was born in London on 29 July 1923 and as a child he suffered with tubercular bones which meant that he spent much of his early years hospitalised to the age of 13.The Eden sound is also a hit with many recording artists including the Stereophonics.

The store sold a variety of musical instruments and attracted many young emerging talents, such as Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore, who were friends of Jim’s drum students.One question we're often asked is "how old is my speaker?" And if your speaker is in reasonably good condition, then it is straightforward to find this out for yourself.Responding to calls for a new breed of amplifier, Jim and his team worked to produce their own.The first amplifier now known as ‘Number One’ (which is on display at the Marshall factory in Bletchley), attracted 23 orders on its first day in store in September 1962 and would become the first of many JTM45 amps.

In 1969 we introduced new PCB technology to maintain our classic tones whilst keeping up with thriving production demands.

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