Dating livejournal make sim cycle of teenage dating violence

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The main character can be male or female and the love interests are a mixture of male and female.

The romances I've played have been simple but cute, and it's an amazing game if you like wasting hours of your life chopping down trees and planting crops.(mm) Dragon Age and Mass Effect series': Bioware RPGs.

) but beggars can't be choosers and there are some cute moments.

Apparently Heileen 1 and 2 are dire, and it makes sense without them.(mm) Roommates: Moderately enjoyable teen college hijinks. Another game from Winter Wolves, the company that made Heileen, and they have several other f/f games that didn't look very appealing to me but some people like.

I thought I had a post like this but apparently not!

I've put (nb) next to the games with non binary options and (mm) next to games that include m/m paths.

I hear these are good but haven't played them: Black Closet: Procedural intrigue at a girls school.

The demo was intimidatingly complex for my fuzzy brain. A Little Lily Princess f/f dating sim about little girls based on "A Little Princess". The little girl aspect kinda creeps me out, too, but is apparently handled cutely.

I bought the one f/f path, for Medusa, and it was ok but I got bored and didn't enjoy the mobile format. The main character's boss is non binary and possibly going to become a love interest?

Mostly pretty cute, if rough around the edges in parts, and though the romance aspect is very minor she ends up happy with a girlfriend.

The treatment of a background f/f couple was not fantastic though.

Mostly about the male or female protagonist killing stuff and making decisions about saving the world/universe but do have some very well written male and female romances.

Long Live the Queen: Well made but fiendishly difficult raising sim where you help a new young queen survive to her coronation.

No romance, just friends with benefits, but they're cute friendships and there's a strong emphasis on the player/main character consenting to everything and being able to stop at any time (I've only played the f/f route but the others seem similar)Great but not quite dating sims: Analogue: a Hate Story: A great game but didn't feel exactly like a dating sim, and the player's gender is pretty superficial.

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