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Max has been working night shift at the morgue for as long as he can remember.Most nights, it’s a shift filled with loneliness and monotony, but every now and then, something happens to make it quite memorable.

She returns to find him passed out, exhausted, on the couch, his expensive suit in disarray.He was not above using his massive prick to seal some deals, so it was that Nickey found herself under his desk, acting as his personal fluffer, polishing his erection for an meeting with some nasty congresswoman.Thankful for Nickey’s help, he still dismisses her coldly, as the time of the congresswoman’s arrival nears.She begins to straighten his tie and button his shirt, but seeing him so peaceful, so helpless, she begins to get naughty ideas in her head.Pulling his cock out, she sucks and licks until it is rock-hard and standing at attention.

Her pretty feet catch his eye again and he moves to the foot of the table.

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