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This pairing is the most popular ship in the BTR fandom, along with Lomille and Kucy who are the main rivals.

Kendall and Jo's relationship is introduced in Big Time Love Song when Jo moves to the Palm Woods.

Anu (Rashi Khanna) is his daughter who returns from US to meet him.

Comedy sequences in the second half are entertaining and climax has slapstick comedy which is also entertaining.Too many characters in the film leave the audience in confusion.Ajay’s character lacks justification and proper ending.Priya Banerjee and Sushma Raj are wasted as they have nothing much to do in the film.Even though Sapthagiri is good, the director could not use him to his potential.

Technical Aspects: Cinematography of the film is good and especially the songs have been shot beautifully.

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    The critically acclaimed but short-lived show ended in a cliffhanger with the expectation that it would be picked up for an additional season, but it was officially canceled on May 15, 1995.

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