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This approval was granted in 1910, and on , the Tokyo Mosque, was finally completed, with generous financial support from the zaibatsu.Its first imams were Abdul-Rashid Ibrahim and Abdülhay Kurban Ali (Muhammed-Gabdulkhay Kurbangaliev) (1889–1972).In the wake of the October Revolution, several hundred Turko-Tatar Muslim refugees from Central Asia and Russia were given asylum in Japan, settling in several main cities and formed small communities.

While Okawa did display unusual behaviour during the trial such as rapping on the head of Hideki Tōjō, he also stated that the trial was a farce and unworthy of being called one.

Islam is one of the smallest minority faiths in Japan, having more adherents in the country than the Bahá'í faith, but fewer than Christianity.

There were isolated occasions of Muslims in Japan before the 19th century.

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The history of Islam in Japan is relatively brief in relation to the religion's longstanding presence in other nearby countries.

Yamada Toajiro was for almost 20 years from 1892 the only resident Japanese trader in Constantinople. He converted to Islam, and took the name Abdul Khalil, and made a pilgrimage to Mecca on his way home.

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