Dating incontinence

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Choosing the right product depends on your symptoms.

For severe urinary incontinence, the ideal choice may be highly absorbent guards or disposable underwear. Drip collectors are disposable padded sheaths that go around the penis; they're good for slight leaking or dribbling.

Some block the nerve impulses to the bladder that make it contract at the wrong time.

Others can reduce the muscle spasms that make the bladder contract.

Many men report that spicy or acidic foods can worsen urinary incontinence.

It can be common after some types of surgery for prostate cancer or other surgery on the prostate gland.

However, the specific triggers vary from person to person.

Some men find that diet doesn't seem to have any effect.

To find out, try cutting back on common trigger foods for a week to see if it helps. Learning some simple relaxation techniques, like breathing exercises or meditation, may help control your symptoms.

Biofeedback is another approach - you watch a monitor that gives you real-time information about muscle contractions around your bladder.

Sometimes it can develop for reasons that are not completely understood, like "overactive bladder." Identifying the type of incontinence is crucial for getting the right treatment, so it's important to get a diagnosis from your doctor.

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