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You may also choose to decline services for your family that are offered as a result of the family assessment.

The case will be closed if there is no threat to your child/children’s safety. Such a response adds to a child's anxiety when it is vital that he or she feel protected. We care about you, and we're going to see that this person doesn't hurt you again." Listen to what the child has to say.

Such maltreatment may lead to a variety of problems and disorders that may follow the child into adulthood.

The abusive or neglectful parents or caretakers suffer as well.

It is important for family members to receive therapeutic intervention, which is often a lengthy process.The Child Protective Services family services specialist will schedule with you and your family members a Family Partnership Meeting in high and very high risk situations provide a voice to the family of what services are needed in order to decrease the risk of further abuse and neglect of the child and siblings.The Family Partnership Meeting is scheduled in emergency situations where possible and at specific points in time to establish the service plan and review the plan and progress of the family.The family services specialist helps plan and provide services to: If you're concerned about a child's well being — or if you would like advice, counseling, resources or help for yourself or others — call the City of Chesapeake Child Protective Services at: 757-382-2020.You may give your name or remain anonymous, if you wish.

If you choose to leave your name, it will be kept confidential.

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