Dating im confused

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I mean, I might like kicking it with you but that’s it.

If you don’t have what I’m looking for after a few months, you won’t have it in a few years,” ” (Sidebar: I think it’s important on my behalf to note that he was not referring to me but answering a general question as a friend).

Just wanted to let you know why you won't be hearing my answer to your question about whether we are incomplete till we find our soulmate. PS: The 'a, 2' thing was intentional (an obscure joke.) I had a friend who used to unintentionally do that all the time!

Besides; although I think we could be good friends, I really doubt if we're soulmates. Hey Im 43 and think I look as good as any 24 year old.

I guess I just needed to see what other people thought,maybe I was just reading to much into it. NO STICKS PLEASE I wouldn't hurt a BUG Every one has been so good to me,all of your replys are excellant.

lostsoul Lost (Have we spoken enough to be on a first name basis?

Why not open up your profile and make friends with all?

Still, that question was all I had to say to generate a response.

He knew exactly what I meant, as he was guilty of committing the ‘stringing someone along’ crime.

You consider all the reasons in your head (and with a little social network snooping) why he’s acting different. Sometimes the mixed signals have little to do with confusion and a lot to do with stringing you along for selfish reasons. Some women also use men for temporary periods knowing that he is not Mr. “I know if I want to be with a girl after spending time with her after a few dates.

the time when it comes to dating and pursuing a woman.

I think your profile shows a very pretty woman, and that you have specific qualities your looking for. On the subject of men expecting us all to be Barbie Dolls? Men are very aware of just what and how a woman my age looks like. Some will not even care, once they get to know the real you.

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