Dating hetro hiv in jamaica

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When I found an ulcer on my body, I was referred to a GUM [genitourinary medicine] clinic.

I wasn’t all that worried – more surprised than anything.’Rachel was screened for all sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. I don’t remember anything apart from terror.‘How could something like this happen to a person like me?

‘My doctor thought it sounded like malaria but I hadn’t been abroad.

I realise now just what a huge mistake that was – I was incredibly naive.’At first, understandably, Rachel was bereft.

‘I was terrified about what would happen, and I became depressed and had panic attacks. A health adviser at the clinic talked to me and answered all my questions.

At first, Rachel Dilly was simply flattered by the attention from the handsome stranger.

It had been almost a year since she had separated from her partner of 20 years, with whom she had three children, and, like so many middle-aged and newly single women, she had started to explore the world of online dating.

But in some cases even this kind of therapy is ineffective, and patients are still likely to die of an AIDS-related illness.

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