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But several inches of snow were expected in Erie, which was under a lake effect snow warning issued by the National Weather Service. Dangerously cold weather across half the country has advocates for the homeless scrambling to get people off the streets and officials urging residents to assist their elderly neighbors.

United States Postal Service carrier Nate Mc Keever works his route in frigid temperatures in Johnstown, Pa. Samantha Dement-Graham shovels her neighbor's sidewalk on University Avenue in Dubuque, Iowa, on Dec. Cold arctic air dipping further south than usual prompted Omaha, Nebraska, officials to cancel a New Year's Eve fireworks show as a three-day deep freeze chills celebrations in Iowa and Nebraska. The cold weather pattern was expected to continue through the holiday weekend and likely longer, according to the National Weather Service, prolonging a stretch of brutal weather blamed for several deaths, crashes and fires. Shipyard employees have been busy right through the Christmas holiday shrink-wrapping boats and welcomed the break despite the cold weather. Bitter cold weather has taken hold of much of the northern United States, and wind chill advisories or warnings were in effect for much of New England, northern Pennsylvania and New York.

From the recent National Academy 'attribution science' review, we have 'high certainty' and 'high confidence' in attributing the reduction in extreme cold events to human caused climate change." "The Climate Central led study conclusions fit exactly with that consensus opinion: less frequent and severe cold is a consequence of global warming."However, Maue does not agree that global warming due to lack of Arctic ice can be directly linked in any way to these sort of cold waves, as some scientists have claimed: "Instead of baffling the public with emerging theories or counter-intuitive explanations, scientists should simply explain what we confidently know: winters will still exhibit extreme cold for decades to come but the historical trend is toward less frequent and extreme cold due to global warming." Gusty wind picks up snow accumulated on the ground as Jesse Sherwood, of Jersey City, N. A person walks in the snow on King Street in Charleston, S. Ice floats in the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan with Jersery City, N. 7, 2018, as bitterly cold temperatures continued through the weekend in New York.Pedestrians try to keep warm while walking in New York's Times Square, on Dec. Freezing temperatures and below-zero wind chills socked much of the northern United States on Wednesday, and the snow-hardened city of Erie, Pa., dug out from a record snowfall.Soledda Hernandez stands on the roof of her car as she brushes off snow in Erie, Pa., on Dec. Snow continues to fall in Erie and surrounding areas that already have seen a record amount of snow over the past few days, prompting a disaster emergency declaration.The bitter cold that followed a massive East Coast snowstorm should begin to lessen as temperatures inch up and climb past freezing next week.People walk past a massive snow pile near Astor place during sub zero temperatures in New York, New York on Jan. A massive cold front hit the Eastern Seaboard with the wind chill, the temperature could reach -20 degrees celsius. On the heels of a major winter storm on the East coast of the US, a weather system with deep cold moved into the Northeast for several days before the region will see moderate temperatures for the first time in weeks. About 100 firefighters battled a blaze that left 25 residents displaced.

Icicles form on a outdoor string of lights as temperatures struggle to get above freezing on Jan. Plunging overnight temperatures in Texas brought rare snow flurries as far south as Austin, and accidents racked up on icy roads across the state. Visitors to Goat Island at Niagara Falls State Park are treated to a winter wonderland when mist from the falls freeze to the landscape on Jan. Sherlin Galicia, left, Alexander Galicia, center, and Heidi Galicia play on the iced over pond at Overton Park while walking the dog on Jan. The ice has grown a couple inches thick on the pond after several nights of sub freezing temperatures, which are expected to continue through the week. Nancy Alexander of Olyphant, Pa., bundles up against the extreme cold weather as she walks to the grocery store on Jan. The high temperature reached 20 degrees not including the wind chill.

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