Dating gospel judas

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Hanna pleaded for Koutoulakis’ help, and in 1982 they met in Geneva.

Koutoulakis, without explanation, returned the codex, and Hanna stored it in a Swiss safe deposit box.

He tried to find a buyer, but couldn’t — even after slashing his original asking price of million to million.

Document disintegrated In 1984 he spirited the codex into the United States inside newspapers and put it in a safe deposit bank in Long Island, where — incredibly — it sat disintegrating in the humidity for 16 years.

Nussberger next met Bruce Ferrini, who often acquired antiquities for James Ferrell, the billionaire president of a propane gas firm in Liberty, Mo.

Ferrini wrote postdated checks totaling .5 million and gained custody of the documents.

In 1980, Hanna showed his prize to the late Nicolas Koutoulakis, a Swiss dealer, and a woman accompanying him.

The following day Hanna’s apartment was robbed, and Hanna suspected the woman.

But cautious Yale officials weren’t interested in buying it due to questions about background, ownership and legality.The journey of an ancient document, lost for 1,700 years and offering an alternative version of Christ’s life, reads like an Indiana Jones adventure or a Dan Brown novel.First comes a chance discovery in an Egyptian cave, then thievery and smuggling.Experts examine pages from Gospel of Judas manuscript.From left are Tim Jull, who oversaw the radiocarbon dating of the manuscript, and Coptologist Stephen Emmel, conservator Florence Darbre and translator Rodolphe Kasser.

For Christians I am not sure how the impact is as there has never been a doubt that these documents exist but that they believe that a divine power guided the selection of the books in the bible and just because others exist doesn't mean they are correct, true or sacred.

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