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This also shows the player that you have so many good things going in your life that you have plenty of better things to do than be with him. #4 Bask in the attention of other guys and make sure the player sees this.

Looking great, feeling great, exuding confidence, and getting the attention of other men further conveys that you are just fine on your own.

If you really want to play the player, you have to know the game better than he does.Whether you’re doing great at work, having fun working out with your girlfriends, or enjoying your alone time shopping, show him you’re living it up even if you’re single.Nothing makes any guy admire a girl more than seeing her confident and happy in her own skin.Keep things light and fun, and he’ll want to be around you even more. Aside from the glances and the smiles, don’t volunteer much information about yourself.[Read: 30 sexy flirting tips for girls] #6 Maintain an air of mystery. If he asks about your day, shrug and smile noncommittally and ask about his day.

That’s just the way it is, and if you can’t see other people now, then find diversions such as your work, your friends, or your hobbies.

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