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Chemical Composition, Crystal Structure, and Physical Properties Garnets are a set of closely related minerals that form a group.

The group is divided into a species, which are classified by what chemical elements compose the Garnet, for example Iron, Chromium, Calcium, Silicon, Aluminum, etc.

Finally, each garnet gets a variety depending on what species they come from and how they are chemically composed.

All Garnets grow in metamorphic rocks, this type of stone is found on every continent and can contain many minerals that can determine how the Garnet forms.

Garnet obtained its name from the Latin name Malum Granatum, which means “red pomegranate seeds.” Many Roman officials would use their signet rings to stamp official documents, and most of those rings contained carved Garnet crystals, even today you can find Garnet crystals in many signet rings.

Then in the Middle Ages, Garnet reached its climax of popularity due to their beautiful red color and abundance.

Here is a nice site with a lot of info on the different brands that came out of this activity.

Because of its rich red color, many thought that they were Rubies for a long time.

Uvarovite Garnet - This Garnet has a green color that strikes as Emerald, but the crystals tend to be too small for jewelry use. Garnet Jewelry As we have learned, Garnets actually have a large color palette that includes red, green, orange, pinkish, pinkish orange, purplish red and rarely some blue.

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There are over twenty different garnet species, here is a list of the ones that are commercially important as gems: Tsavorite Garnet- This Garnet is known for its intense green color. Demantoid Garnet- This Garnet is known for its greenish yellow colors.

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