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The first ever Survivor contestant to appear in Playboy probably gives Survivor viewers some good feelings, but we think it’s her tough female persona mixed with a great body and stunning features that are a big drawcard to Jerri!Shame she recently got married, single guys and gals are sad now!Whatever happens, we know you want to keep looking at Christina!

The first such contestant is the beautiful Danni Boatwright, who recently made a rare appearance on this very show.“Twenty One” may have been the first game show scandal, but it was certainly far from the last. Sure, Jo Jo Fletcher has her hands full in a mansion brimming with equally handsome and wild fellas who make Ben Higgins look like old news — say hello to quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ little brother, Jordan!Andrea is one such contestant who, let’s face it, is revered for so many reasons outside of the game. Those eyes are a key factor, and just like they did for everybody on One World, you’ll be agreeing with every command she ever makes to you. This beautiful Amazonian winner complained that being beautiful is almost like having a disability, and well, maybe it is?And on a season that is considered quite rubbish, it’s great to have her on this list, despite just missing out on the top 10. We at least know that she is a stunner, and unfortunately she can’t quite reach the heights Ethan did on the sexiest male pole. Miss Lowe was a tough as nails character on Nicaragua and for a large portion of the game seemed like she was in control.

The Panama runner-up and ‘third wheel’ in the Parvati/Russell alliance in Heroes vs Villains, Danielle brought attention for her amazing pair of…eyes.

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