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Indeed the presence of a pool with a faux tropical plant garden, arcade, lake and miniature golf course had served my youth for years and yet, it was the beautiful psychedelic mindfuck of LSD that gave me the true appreciation of such a building, the most inspiring elements of said organization being the already overly psychedelic carpets strung throughout the entirety of the monolith. Thompson would have been proud of me and my comrades gross disrespect and at the same time, sever reverence of this unintentional hall of psychonaughtic exploration.

In fact I still educate the strange idea of sending a “thank you” letter to the owner of said establishment to thank him/her for the wonderful carpeting as it so enhanced the intensity of our harmless psychedelic meandering within the hotels halls.

A slight yet palpable darkness greeted my waking eyes.

It was of course, the realization that the skies had been filled with clouds rather than sun.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

It was a somewhat gloomy afternoon in New England during the humid month of late august.

We each dropped five hits, feeling the layers of the chemical melt off the paper in our mouths.

Instantly I could tell this was going to be a serious trip and my initial feelings of trepidation while still present, began to fade.

The now famous Etienne Pierre Duguay and my lovely wife of sixteen years (my then girlfriend) had been in our company on the same level as Mark and I.

During those days it was rather customary for us to spend nights in the heights of marijuana and or more intense entheogenic substance’s grips while parading around one of the the premier “fancy” hotels of our community.

For about two years I had been experimenting with various psychedelics and entheogens, each projecting a plethora of both light and dark experiences and each having their own vast dynamics of psychonaughtics as is common with such inner journeying.

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