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Walsh is often credited with helping him create his now legendary screen name, John Wayne. For nearly a decade, Wayne toiled in numerous B movies-mostly westerns-for different studios.He even played a singing cowboy named Sandy Saunders among his many roles.Over the years, he operated several different production companies, including John Wayne Productions, Wayne-Fellows Productions and Batjac Productions.Wayne's career as an actor took another leap forward when he worked with director Howard Hawks in (1948).Settling in Glendale, California, Wayne received his distinctive nickname "Duke" while living there.He had a dog by that name, and he spent so much time with his pet that the pair became known as "Little Duke" and "Big Duke," according to the official John Wayne website.There had been rumors about Wayne having other affairs, but nothing as substantial as his connection to Dietrich.Even after their physical relationship ended, the pair remained good friends and co-starred in two more films, (1947).

In the end, it took home the awards for Music and for Actor in a Supporting Role for Thomas Mitchell.

Winning a football scholarship to University of Southern California (USC), Wayne started college in the fall of 1925.

He joined the Sigma Chi fraternity and continued to be a strong student.

The western drama provided Wayne with an opportunity to show his talents as an actor, not just an action hero.

Playing the conflicted cattleman Tom Dunson, he took on a darker sort of character.

Playing an American boxer with a bad reputation, his character moved to Ireland where he fell in love with a local woman (Maureen O' Hara). House Un-American Activities Committee, which worked to root out communists in all aspects of public life.

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