Dating foreign languages school

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Find the subject they teach below and figure out what they'll be like at work, at home, and (if things work out) how they’ll act when you go out together.At work, the language arts teacher is friendly, but usually too busy to be personable.But you’ll also find that if they're one thing, they're exhausted. And if you want to know what they're like on a night out, that’s a bummer, because they probably won’t even make it.

At home, they’ll show you how creative, insightful, and intelligent they can be.

They're kind people, but in all likelihood, they also can reach a volume that pierces your eardrums, and they're very comfortable putting students in their place when they act out.

At home, you should know that they're going to be strangely competitive about obscure things.

At home, expect their apartment walls to be decorated with at least 2 tapestries and the kitchen counter to be home to many different flavors of rooibos tea.

At a party, just accept that they'll show up at least 30 minutes later than everyone else. At work, the physical education teacher is not one to mess with.

At work, the math teacher and the language arts teacher lead similar lives.

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