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The Chasidic Rabbi of Kotzk was right when he witnessed a man beating another and said to his disciples, "See how even while performing an evil act, this Jew fulfills the words of the holy Bible.

He demonstrates that he loves his neighbor as much as he loves himself.

To be truly human, you must begin with self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Only then can you move forward to a feeling of affection for others as well.

to summarize its essence, his response was basically the idea implicit in "love your neighbor as yourself." So in a way, loving others it would appear is the summum bonnum of Judaism.

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I don't want to take what I don't deserve." And with that he demonstrated something we all could learn as the necessary prerequisite for true love.

"When I signed my contract, my main goal was to earn it," Meche explained.But you might want to take a moment to live in a way that earns your deepest respect and admiration.When you truly reach that place, you can then love others as yourself.It isn't egotistical to make sure that you are likable in your own eyes.According to the Torah, it's a first step we all have to take before we proceed on the journey of love of others that will grant us the greatest fulfillment.

With the advent of Valentine's Day, the United States Greeting Card Association estimates that roughly 1,000,000,000 greeting cards filled with declarations of love are sent worldwide – and that number doesn't include the flowers, chocolates, jewelry and gifts that have become part of the rituals of this day on the calendar dedicated to expressing the emotion that Shakespeare called "the language of the soul." As Jews, we may not be sure whether it's proper for us to join the party.

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