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I also prefer more natural colors though soft shades of red or pink are nice too.

Nicely manicured nails are a treat but like others have said, anything too long or over done begins to look gaudy.

Usually I keep them as long as I can without them making...

but it was to prevent having it ripped off (had that done twice now) but the rest are at a quarter of an inch now and I love it!

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They are a touch longer then the ones in the group picture. I have no problems with them and I only sometimes break the thumb nails and... I keep hearing how some have a hard time typing with long nails. But as far as hitting the keys on the computer board uggggggggggggg Iv been typing with long nails for years and still cant typ with them ........... but they do tend to get slightly longer and sharper depending on how many weeks it's been since i've last had them done. my natural nails is about 10 mm on all fingers and I love them when polished.I find it annoying when one breaks, especially if it's one of the longer ones, but I've never been tempted to cut them all to the same length and...Trust me - I was never into getting anything like this done, as I've always been into the natural thing. Bottom line: For both men and women, attention to details of grooming and style, catches the attention of the opposite sex.

The longer the sexier as long as the lady is able to reasonably function, though obviously if they're way out there and starting to curl that's too much.

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