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Inside the member’s website you’ll find something like 70 HD videos where Bill Grant reveals his system for spotting these old-man-loving young women and everything else you need to know to engage them in conversation and progress things forward, to bed and potentially into an ongoing relationship.

There really is a lot of content, but you definitely don’t need to go through all the training before you start using it.

This is where the “x-ray specs” comes in, because knowing this technique basically allows you to automatically pick these women out of a crowd based on some simple criteria.

I t h a s a l r e a d y a f f e c t e d m y l i f e . Y o u s e e , f o r a l o n g t i m e , I h a v e h e l d t h e s a m e k i n d o f o p i n i o n s o n d a t i n g a s J o s h ( t h e w r i t e r o f t h i s b o o k a n d a f r i e n d o f m i n e ) .That kind of sucks for them because this program could probably help them get laid! So long as you aren’t a wuss that shouldn’t be a problem. Personally I’d recommend this program to every man over 40 who likes younger women.I think chances are that if you try these techniques you are going to have a much, much easier time attracting sexy younger women into your life.The basic idea behind this program is that some young women specifically prefer dating older men.This being the case, obviously it makes sense for older guys to focus our attention on this group of women (the ones predisposed to prefer older guys.) The breakthrough in this program, that I’ve never seen or thought of before is that there is actually a method for spotting these old-guy-loving young women, so that you can know which girls are going to actually be receptive and open to being with an older guy.

PROs & CONs: Pro #1) Straight Forward Techniques – I’ve reviewed tons of dating advice guides, and one of the things I find most annoying about them is all of the theoretically mumbo-jumbo. The great thing about Ageless is that there is none of that nonsense in here.

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