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He is actually the guy that the movie "Hitch" was based on. Like you and I, whenever we're getting on the phone, the first minute we talk we're not going to say, "Hey, Eric. Man, I got to tell you, I'm feeling something right now that just doesn't feel right," and it's like now we're getting all mushy and everything. Most men have friends that it's more about sports and playing golf and talking about work, money, goals and everything else; and when you throw the feelings in there, most men's friends don't really want to listen for a long period of time. If he hasn't called within 48 hours, basically give up on him and go out there and find more great men that appreciate the beauty of who you are and they want to be with you. To me, that is somebody who is just booty-calling you, somebody who is just dating you and that's it. We never really talk." I said, "Well, did you ever say anything to him? It explains how there is just an abundance of men for every body type, for every look, for every hairstyle.

So he is absolutely world-class and he is with us today. So a man doesn't really have that outlet so what happens is he becomes withdrawn because he could be having an issue with you. Eric: Next one I've got is why didn't he call or text back? When I look for a brand-new car, I am basically going to look at five or six different brands, six or seven different models, and I'm going to choose one. I can almost get stumped on that one, but it's different for every single man. It's the beauty of who you are as a woman to me, and I can only answer to me. It's the way after I kiss I'm all dizzy inside of my head. Not only that; you fall in love with somebody who is exactly what you're looking for at that moment because you recognize the path that you're on in life at that moment. Eric: David, this is a little bit off the question map, but I know the point you're going to make and I want you to put this in because it's going to tie something together for a lot of women. " She goes, "Yeah, I said one thing one time a few months ago and then just glossed over it." If you gloss over things, you're just creating what? It really goes deep in to the way men think and what they want and how to really go and basically find the men that you're meant to be with because I want to see everybody really happy.

" and he doesn't lob a text back or lobs a text back a week later or two weeks or three weeks later, you're not a priority and you deserve to be a priority. That way you can get chosen because sometimes we're not the first choice of somebody. She may not feel the energy or the chemistry or whatever it is. If you don't love yourself, no one is going to fall in love with you. When they say "headed somewhere," headed towards a monogamous exclusive relationship or marriage.

When I'm dating, I may have the hots for a woman, it might be the greatest date in the entire world; she chooses not to call me back for whatever reason.

I'm really happy to have you listening and I'm especially happy to have David Wygant, one of the world's greatest dating coaches and dating advisors. He was caring and he was present and all these things, and then all of a sudden, at some point in the relationship, he just withdraws. So what can you say about why that happens and how a woman can handle that? She'll sit down with her friends and go, "I'm feeling in love. I'm feeling neglected." They talk about feelings constantly. Once you're fine with that, once you're fine with that moment that it's not going to be there or it's not there for a long period of time, you don't think about it. Is he buying you a toothbrush so when you sleep over he wanted you to be comfortable? When he goes on a business trip, does he call you to say good night to tuck you in? If you are on a day-to-day contact with somebody, that man is falling for you. We like to fix cars and gas grills and other things. Here's a message to every woman in the world listening to this. The more you listen to us, the more you're going to accept us; and if you accept us, guess what's going to happen? Eric: All right, let's get another question out here. A woman texted me the other day and says, "I'm in this relationship for six months. It also talks about the beauty of every single woman.

David has been on every form of media you can imagine - TV, magazines, all over the internet. With men, our instincts, our social circle doesn't really have that many friends that you could do that with. Stop talking to your friends about two Friday nights ago in the bar and why the guy hasn't called yet. Does he open up a drawer for you so that when you stay over there you're getting more and more cozy over there? If you've been dating somebody six months and he is only really talking to you every other day or every few days and stuff, there is no frequency of contact at all. What's the difference between a woman a guy just wants to hook up with and pass time with versus a woman who he wants to date and have as his girlfriend? I love this guy but he never ever really calls during the day. Whether you're tall, skinny, chubby, round, short, it doesn't matter.

We can all remember a time when you meet a great guy who promises to call. Men have been taught women are turned off by guys who seem over eager so they play it safe. Simply put, it just wasn’t meant to be and you should move on, quickly.

The most integral aspect of any relationship is communication.

We meet someone and talk with them so we can get to know them.

If you're just conveniently spreading your legs on a Saturday night around at night, thinking this guy is going to have a relationship with you, no! David: At the beginning, one of the biggest things is to be too evasive. So start to understand the dynamic of him right from the get-go.

Eric: What are the worst things a woman can do at the beginning stages of a relationship that will hurt or even destroy her chances of having a relationship with that man?

But you're constantly on the go, constantly want to do this, and you feel real satisfied because he is coming along.

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