Dating burn victims

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Although I was scared as I walked around, for every negative comment or look that came my way, I quietly reminded myself that I was living for , not for them. And after that breakthrough I kept pushing myself to wear skirts and shorts.I took to Instagram a little later; at first I posted only pictures of my nephew or other people, but slowly I started to include selfies.The wires in the laundry room had caught fire next to the bedroom I was sleeping in.My father had to kick down the back door to get to me.Algorithms can already determine how deep a burn is—and accurately predict how long it will take for a burn to heal..There are at least dozens of startups specializing in artificial intelligence with a focus on health-care.None of this is easy unless you know how to see in a certain way.“The further along you get in your training, the better you are at picking up little subtleties,” says Jonathan Kanevsky, a plastic surgeon at the Mc Gill University Health Center in Montreal.“But every physician is limited by the number of cases they’ve seen in their lifetime.”Artificial intelligence could change all that.

Both my parents were outside when my older sister, Michelle, who was returning home from school, saw smoke coming out of our house.It isn’t precise or even necessarily accurate—“We use a very crude estimation,” Kanevsky says—but it’s important for doctors to guess.Knowing how much of a person’s body is burned is a predictor for mortality, and helps doctors make critical decisions about the best course of treatment; including assessing how much IV fluid is necessary in the initial days after the injury and determining what kind of surgical response is appropriate.Doctors gave me only a 2 percent chance of survival.I’ve pieced together this story mostly from what my nana and older sister told me later.

Yet there is still much work to be done before clinicians can turn over their clinics to machines.

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