Dating barbie dolls

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MCMLVIII by Mattel, Inc.1959 Box (Gay Parisienne fashion bottom-right) 1959 Barbie Fashion Booklet Black Disc stand with Wire/Black Wire Stand Black & White Swimsuit Black Mules (open-toe shoes) Gold Hoop or Pearl Earrings White Sunglasses Little poodle curls gone in favor of big coarse curls with the #5 Ponytail Barbie. But they are blessed with the original big red Barbie lips and are a challenge for collectors to find in nice condition. Light/dark brown or reddish eyebrows, blue eye shadow and red lips. Beginning with the new hard plastic bodies, the skin color is not faded as previous dolls were and there are no mold marks on hips. There was also a rare "Brownette" Ken produced in 1961. Issue Date: 1961 Model: 750 Box Date: 1961 Doll Size: Approximately 12" tall, 1:6 scale. Examples: Barbie's hair may be missing the original hair bands and be out of the original style but there are no haircuts or a lot of missing plugs. Often the new plastic "sweats" and gives them what collectors call "greasy face." The head color sometimes darkens and leg stance is often splayed. Body: Lightweight hard plastic body with hollow torso, small neck knob. The rare 1961 Bubbles are Raven (jet black hair), Brown Sable (aka "Brownette" - brown hair) and White Gingers (pink lips often faded to white and platinum hair often oxidized to a darker brassy blonde). Light/dark brown or reddish eyebrows, blue eye shadow and red nails. Body & Face: Lightweight hard plastic body with hollow torso. (The larger neck knobs used with post-1961 dolls caused the face to be a bit fuller and adept collectors/dealers can sometimes identify Bubble cuts this way.) Leg stance might be splayed. Some have greasy faces, faded body color and painted legs like the Barbie dolls do. Average: This is based on loose dolls that are in played-with condition but have no major damage. The markings indicating where the doll was manufactured, a year and "Mattel" were located there on many early Barbie dolls.Look for markings (country of manufacture, year, and company name) on the lower back in the waist region.

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So if your doll has bouffant hair, you have a Bubblecut Barbie!

(Note: There are a few rare 1964 Bubblecuts with bend-legs. It includes Miss Barbie, American Girls and Color Magics.

Height: The height of the doll can give you a clue of to what year it is, such as Ken.

Ken from 1963 was actually a little bit shorter than Ken from 1962.

Markings: Barbie can be somewhat easy to identify because they all have markings on their right buttocks, feet and the back of their heads.

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