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Naturally, people use Tinder for a number of different purposes: some use it for sex, others as a spurious distraction.

For many, Tinder simply represents a real and convenient pathway to a romantic relationship.

This comes very close to what Soren Kierkegaard saw as the lowest kind of love - based entirely in the .So reads the slogan of one of the world's most populated and powerful apps.Ostensibly designed to allow people to meet, Tinder is - in both design and practice - a dating app designed to encourage, develop, and foster romantic relationships.But are these people looking for love in the wrong place?The official number of users on Tinder isn't public knowledge, but estimates place it somewhere between 10 and 50 million people who swipe left or right through over 1 billion profiles a day.

But recall that I'm focussing here only on those who are using Tinder as a means to finding love in a deeper sense than that described by casual sexual encounters, friendships, or playful banter over chat to be submitted to a comic Instagram or Twitter account. If you're looking for something serious, log off and find another dating app, or stick to the physical world.

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