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At Slough and Eton, the figure is a modest 1.5 per cent and – of its 918 pupils – 95 per cent are from ethnic minority groups.

Some children did think they should have the same kind of facilities the Eton children enjoyed.

One of the Eton pupils, Jasmeet Sahota, 17, said; "Quite a lot of my family go to state schools and grammar schools in south-east London.

It made me feel by coming here that I was keeping in touch with the kind of education they are involved with." Charlie Lawrie, also 17, added: "The guys we are mentoring are borderline C/D grades. "Our teachers have been fantastic and we just want to pass on what we have learnt from them." This scheme, said Mr Mc Ateer, has also helped some of the children from Eton to make up their minds about future career options. He said that the school had enjoyed links with Eton for several years "but they don't shout about it from the rooftops".

Its old boys include 20 prime ministers – the most recent of whom is, of course, the present incumbent, David Cameron.

In addition, 71 per cent of its pupils get A*- or A-grade passes in their GCSEs.

In a week when the Old Etonian Mr Cameron has been criticised in some quarters for being a "toff" and out of touch with reality – hardly an original charge – those involved in the state/independent school partnership with the 600-year-old college are applauding its attempts to shed some of its elitist image.

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These sessions are not the only links that the two schools have.

"The boys and girls who come are ones the schools have identified as having some potential as yet untapped," said Tony Little, the headmaster of Eton.

The experiment, part of Eton's attempt to share its expertise with its neighbours, could soon be mirrored throughout the country.

However, those who take part have established a rapport with some of the boys they have met at the school.

"I thought they were going to be really posh and snobby," said Matthew Lock, 14. I was wondering about their school uniform [the Eton boys wear wing collars] and whether they liked wearing it.

A scheme has just been launched whereby pupils from Eton come to Slough and Eton Church of England College to act as mentors to children struggling to get C grades in their GCSEs.

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