Dating an aries male

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If you are dating an Aries boyfriend don't expect him to be extra sensitive, and talkative about his feelings and emotions. The Aries boyfriend is much better at surprising you with new exciting gifts, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, and touching you in ways that make you feel sexy and beautiful.

Aries men usually carry a fantasy checklist in their wallets and are waiting for the oppurtunity to cross another one off. Being sexually loose is not based on Zodiac, it's based on morals.

If you are the Athletic type all the better, chances are your Aries boyfriend met you while shooting hoops at basket ball, or while on the Tennis court hanging out with a friend.

If your Aries guy is young chances are he is into some type of sports, or athletisism.

Its good to know the birth chart, and compatibility astrology assessment of both the male and the female to get a clearer picture.

Aries boyfriends enjoys being around people who are happy, so if you are typically a whiner, leave your whining at home, on date night with your Aries guy, you can whine later, after dating season wears off.

Aries women are natural feminists, and usually become leaders, whatever they choose to do.

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