Dating agency man for all seasons

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A seriously wounded Whitman switches Draper's dog tags with his own before passing out. He is sent home on a train with Lieutenant Draper's coffin (believed to be Private Whitman's) to offer the Army's regrets to Whitman's survivors.

Dick was raised primarily by Archie's wife Abigail, who was physically and emotionally abusive to him.

Draper also leads a later merger with a rival agency.

While the new agency is successful, at the end of Season 6, he is forced to take "a leave of absence" from the new firm because of his erratic behavior which costs the firm a possible advertising account with Hershey Chocolate.

Draper and Elizabeth "Betty" Hofstadt are married in May 1953, and eventually move into a house with an address shown as 42 Bullet Park Road, Ossining in Westchester County, New York.

The marriage is a rocky one and Don becomes engaged in numerous affairs.

He informs her of Don's death and confesses to his masquerade.

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