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People who have codependent tendencies also have People Pleaser Syndrome.You must have reasonable boundaries for yourself, and be unwilling to violate those boundaries just to attain approval or affection.The truth is, there’s a hidden emotion that is SUPER common among high-achieving, single women…And you’re probably shooting yourself […] Do you do what is necessary to manifest miracles in your life? My guest, Debra Poneman, has been teaching and preaching about how to be successful for over 40-years.

Conflict is unavoidable, so, you may as well embrace it and learn to get what you want without ruining your […] Does your love life feel like a scene from ‘Groundhog Day’, that movie with Bill Murray… […] Is there a disconnect between your love life, and everything else in your life…?

People that truly care about you will not constantly cross your boundaries.

When people insist on crossing your reasonable boundaries, then it is time to tell them “No” …even if they act upset or disappointed with you.

She is a best-selling Author, Founder of the ‘Yes to Success Seminars’ and Co-Founder of the ‘Your Year of Miracles’ mentoring program.

Debra shares the system with us so we can create miracles […] It’s almost the New Year, will your resolution be the same as last year and the year before that?

Where he keeps living the same day over and over until he finally gets it right? Are you afraid that you don’t understand the whole man/love/relationship sequence as well as other women…?

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