Dating a marshall amp

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Next, (if applicable) look for the date code on the tube chart.

If your amp dosen’t have a date code, flip the amp upside-down and check the transformers, and speakers for their manufacturer codes.

*2 This OT is from a Carlsbro amp and is used with EL34 tubes. *9 This amp has been altered since the specs were posted on the HDB page.

*3 This PT did not come into production until 1967.

The raised “Fender” grille logo lost its tail around 76.

The fist Master volume controls were first installed in 72.

This may be a replacement or incorrect information.

The Marshall Bluesbreaker is the popular name given to the Models 19 guitar amplifiers made by Marshall from 1964/1965 to 1972.

(August 4, 2009) - Marshall, the forefathers of the current low-wattage movement have announced the Class 5 amp, a 5-watt all-tube combo.

The amp keeps it simple with a stripped-down feature set that includes only four knobs - Volume, Treble, Mids and Bass.

Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.

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