Dating a girl with bipolar disorder

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After our first date he was honest and told me he had been diagnosed with biopolar ii disorder and was taking medication.I immediately thanked him for his candor and told him I wasn’t interested.With my first relationship, for the first few months, I tried to hide my depression. You can listen when I need to talk, but don't pressure me into explaining myself or my depression.

He wrote me back an e-mail which made me feel horribly guilty.

For those of you still enduring that are getting no where try and get them to a qualified therapist along with making sure your spouse/lover is getting the right medication. Like I said, he never said goodbye to her and she didn’t deserve that. Later in an e-mail he told me he doesn’t mean to do bad things, and that most relationships end badly because that is the way of the world. It’s been 15 months since we have broken up and I have never received an apology and he never has once asked about my daughter who would have become his stepdaughter. I must rephrase that in the beginning, everything was hot, steamy passionate and very very intense. I wonder if she had said something to him or if he did it to prove how sad I made him and he was getting rid of the things he loved most. Mine did inappropriate things, like grabbing my crotch in public or pulling up my shirt when his parents left the room.

And for the few of you that actually have survived relationships through this illness. To the author of this article people who have BIPOLAR do not choose to be born that way it's heridtary so for you to say you will never get involved with a bipolar person is ignorant and your daughter is going to end up as ignorant as you. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for 6 years now and I am a successfully lawyer. That’s why I posted what I did to warn other women, that this illness is so unpredictable and the saddest thing in all this is that my daughter got hurt the worse and lost a potential daddy. Although my ex-bf and I didnt have anything in common I think that is what drew us close together. In fact he sold a lot of things after the breakup that we enjoyed doing together, like videos we watched, etc. I must disagree with the "lack of showing affection" as being a bipolar characteristic, simply because my ex was the opposite. Holding hands in public, kissing, and he was actually the cuddler. It’s like he wanted to get “caught” doing something bad.

I didn't start seriously dating until halfway through college, after my first bipolar episode.

So, I have never dated someone without having to address my bipolar disorder at some point.

Now, my bipolar disorder diagnosis is not something I try to hide from who I date. If you constantly assume that my emotional states are due to an illness, you are dismissing my feelings. I know that it can be hard to see someone you love struggle. It felt like I had been living in some happy, fake bubble all of my life and all of a sudden, I saw the world as it really was: dangerous, cruel, and terrifying. It is lack of energy, motivation, sleep, passion, concentration, and will to live. Sometimes, bipolar disorder comes with lowered self-awareness.

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